School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Molecular logic with color absorbing and emitting molecules based on spiropyran

Sebastian Spinnen, Graduation on 01.02.2019; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Information and communication skills are the foundation of our modern technology society. Despite cultural and linguistic barriers, it is becoming increasingly important ... [more]

Photoluminescence and Photochromism in Solution and in Solid Matrices - Interaction Kit Photo-Mol

Nico Meuter, Graduation on 12.12.2018; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

In this thesis, the experimental and material kit "Photonen und Moleküle (Photo-Mol)" was developed for the integration of photoprocesses, especially fluorescence, phosphorescence and photochromism ... [more]

Organic Photovoltaics for Teaching and Learning

Melanie Zepp, Graduation on 02.08.2017; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

The goal of this thesis, based on the current state of scientific research, was to develop and optimize an organic solar cell using the semiconductor components ... [more]

Analysis of discourse in bilingual, German/English Chemistry Classes as diagnostic tool for cognitive processes

Heidrun Geller, Graduation on 27.07.2017; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Bilingual teaching (Content and Language Integrated Learning) has long been established within the German school system. Whereas it is widely used to enhance the students’ use of a foreign language ... [more]

Photoredoxsystems for Converting and Storing Solar Power Chemically

Maria Heffen, Graduation on 02.03.2017; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

In this thesis, photoredox reactions for the conversion of light energy and its storage in chemical systems as well as their possible applications in photogalvanic cells will be investigated based on the current state ... [more]

Elektrochemical Deposition and Characterisation of Polymers on FTO-coated Sheets of Glass

Ibeth Nathaly Rendón Enríquez, Graduation on 02.02.2017; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Several conducting polymers have been synthesized through potentiostatic oxidative electro polymerisation (chronoamperometry) using a self-made potentiostat ... [more]

E/Z Isomerisations in Molecular Switches - The Azo-Group as Molecular Key Component

René Krämer, Graduation on 13.12.2016; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: Within the framework of this dissertation E/Z isomers, that allow experimental access to basic concepts of photochemistry, especially molecular switches ... [more]

From Acrylic Glass to the OLED-display - Conjugated Polymers in Curricular Innovation

Amitabh Banerji, Graduation on 26.07.2012; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: The thesis at hand addresses the didactic-experimental and didactic-conceptual development of conjungated polymers for the curricular innovation ... [more]

Multimedia - Teaching and Learning tools for Education

Ralf-Peter Schmitz, Graduation on 15.12.2009; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: Digital teaching and study media on the subject of "Multimedia - Teaching and Learning tools for Education" have been developed according to the didactical concepts ... [more]

Host-guest-complexes with cyclodextrins - structural characteristics and didactical potential

Simone Krees, Graduation on 27.10.2009; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: Based on the status quo of scientific findings host-guest-complexes with cyclodextrins were investigated in order to demonstrate the essential structural characteristics of cyclodextrins ... [more]

Synthesis, characterisation and application of uncoated, silan-coated and UV-modifiied nano-zinc oxides

Bernd Rohe, Graduation on 08.06.2005; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: In the course of the research for this dissertation uncoated, silane-coated and UV-modified nanoscale zinc oxides with a high surface area ... [more]

Photoelectrochemistry and electroluminescence : experimental and multimedia development of a new topic for teaching

Claudia Bohrmann-Linde, Graduation on 14.03.2003; Doctoral Thesis (in German)

Abstract: Photoelectrochemistry and electroluminescence - opening an new scientific field for the teaching of chemistry. Following the description of the current state of knowledge ... [more]

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