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Education for sustainable development

Some experiments that show how current problems can be solved in order to achieve sustainable development.

Absorption of carbon dioxide during photosynthesis

Elodea Densa, also known as water plant, is irradiated with a plant lamp for some time. The water in which the plant is located was previously adjusted to pH = 7 and some indicator was added. For comparison, an equal aqueous solution is also irradiated and also one solution with and one without the plant are kept in the dark.

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Adsorption of carbon dioxide on activated carbon

The video shows how carbon dioxide adsorbs on activated carbon and how the amount can be increased by applying pressure. In an extension, it is also demonstrated how desorption of the carbon dioxide occurs again.

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Absorption von carbon dioxide in alkaline solutions

Carbon dioxide is passed through alkaline solutions of sodium hydroxide and sodium carbonate. For comparison, the experiment is repeated with air to simulate the direct air capture process.

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Photoreforming of Ethanol

Ethanol is converted to hydrogen and other by-products using a titanium dioxide-based photocatalyst in a simple experimental setup. Afterwards, the oxyhydrogen test is used to prove that the collected gas is hydrogen.

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