School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

E-books for teaching chemistry

Within the scope of final theses or dissertation projects, the didactic concepts developed for innovative topics are also made available in the form of e-books. The designed e-books can be divided into two categories depending on the format used:

Static e-books and Dynamic e-books

Keeping Track of Heat by Simon Kleefeldt

The innovative concept for using the thermal imaging camera in chemistry lessons was developed for a learning unit in form of an e-book, in which students approach heat (energy) in various experiments:

students version (work book)

teachers version (answer book)

Solar cells with Titanium Dioxide by Diana Zeller

The interactive e-Book "Solar cells with Titanium Dioxide" includes a didactic concept with which the topic of solar cells can be integrated into chemistry lessons in high school classes. Using the galvanic cell as a didactic anchor the e-book includes several student experiments and materials which are differentiated according to learning performance.

The e-book as pdf or ibook

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