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How is ozone produced and broken down? How does it protect us from UV light and what effects does it have on our bodies? And how is the ozone layer attacked by C(F)Cs?

Ozone generation and detection (German Voice Over)

Erzeugung und Nachweise von Ozon

In the video, the production of ozone in a UV photoreactor is shown, as well as three different forms of detection (shadow formation on a fluorescent screen illuminated with a UV hand lamp (254 nm), chemiluminescence of a Safranine T solution, and the bursting of a balloon).

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Depletion of ozone with and without UV light (German Voice Over)

Abbau von Ozon mit und ohne UV-Licht

The video explains that ozone can be detected by forming shadows on a fluorescent screen. It then shows the depletion of ozone with a CFC under the influence of UV light, and that ozone is not degraded by CFCs without the influence of UV light. It is then shown that alkenes also degrade ozone without exposure to light.

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