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Photochromism, Solvatochromism, Photosteady State

Photochromism describes the change of color of a substance when irradiated with light.

If the color of a substance is determined by the solvant used, then this is called Solvatochromism.

The Photosteady State is a chemical equilibrium that is created and sustained by irradiation with light.

Light turns On and Off

An und Aus mit Licht

The properties of some hightech materials can be reversibly switched by irradiation with light. This is demonstrated in the video by an “intelligent” transparency, which contains a photoactice molecular switch. Its structure and properties are explained.

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Unequal Equilibria

Ungleiche Gleichgewichte

The mechanical equilibrium between forces is completely different from economic, ecologic and other equilibria. Also chemical equilibria can be very different. This is shown by experiments with molecular switches in this video.

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A Chemical Chameleon

Ein chemisches Chamäleon

According to an accepted doctrine, the structure of a dye determines the colour of its solution if the solvent itself is colourless. The experiments from this video show the contrary and the protagonists explain this phenomenon.

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Creation of an "intelligent foil"

Creation of an "intelligent foil"

This video shows each step of the procedure for creating an "intelligent foil".

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