School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Light Laboratory: Leaf

How is it possible for nature to use the sun as fuel for all living beings on Earth? Answerung this question is crucial, because the global probblems of the 21st century, like the so called "Energiewende", Climate Change and Sustainability can only be solved if the awareness of our youth for the possibilities that lie within the use of solar light.

Photoprocesses are interdisciplinary. They offer a wealth of motivating contexts that are suited for teaching and promoting contents of chemistry and adjacent STEM courses in a fashion that conforms to curricula.

Te workshop for the "light laboratory: leaf" focuses on model experiments. They cover the cooperation of chlorophylls and carotinoids during photosynthesis as well as the material and energetic base concepts regarding the natural cycle of photosynthesis and respiration. The didactic utilization and curricular incorporation of the experiments in lower and higher secondary education is supported with lesson concepts, work sheets, model animations and educational films. More information to the sequence of the Workshop, the experiments and materials can be found in the slides that are linked below.

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