School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Photons and Molecules

Photons and molecules are the dramatis personae whenever light interacts with matter. They are regular players for the genesis and the perception of color. They play roles as protagonists in the initiation of the visual process within our eyes, in innovative materials in engineering and in our every day life, as well as in phenomenons in our environment, like the atmosphere as a photo reactor. Photons and molecules are the focus of a lot of contents of not only chemistry but also of physics and biology classes.

The goal of this workshop is to examine with the help of didactical concise experiments how photons and molecules combine, separate and change. In coherence with the observations from the experiments interpretions in form of theoretical model on a particle level are developed that can explain the observed phenomenons and predict further phenomenons that can be verified in turn. Tips for the integration of the experiments and models into classes of lower and higher secondary education are given and materials (worksheets, educational films, videos, model animations) are provided. Chemicals, Equipment, print and electronic media are consolidated in the "Photo-Mol" Box which is commercially available in germany. Independant of this the im workshop self-made "intelligent foil" and luminescing samples are offered "to go".

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