Work Group Led by Prof. M. W. Tausch
Michael Tausch Project leader
Simone Krees   Cyclodextrins
Marika Szemenyei   Web design, coordination, structural formulae, keywords
Rolf Maibaum   Web design, layout, navigation, graphics, intro, sound, video
Michael Seesing   Experiments, materials
Uwe Knauf   Experiments, materials
Michael Twellmann   Experiments
Alexander Grolmuss   Supplementary Information, materials
Ralf-Peter Schmitz   Flash animations
Volker Zimnol   Videos
Thomas Trzaska   Videos

We would like to thank the following for their expert advice and support in the compilation of this CD-ROM:


Dr. Walter Held, Wacker Chemie AG
Peter Hirschmann, Wacker Chemie AG
Prof. Dr. Peter Jutzi, Universität Bielefeld