The goals of the CD-ROM and internet versions of the Discover Silicones Documentation are:

  • To inform the readers about the structure, manufacture and applications of silicones in an easily understood manner, and
  • To provide different types of learning material for use inside and outside the classroom.

By filling out and mailing us the following electronic questionnaire, you can help us to evaluate this type of learning material and to improve future releases.

I. General information (please choose)
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II. How useful are the various materials presented in DiSiDo?
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Supplementary Information useful for:
Planning lessons for obligatory curricular modules
Ideas for including new technological developments
Students’ projects
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Experiments useful for:
Lessons (to illustrate structures, processes etc)
Optional chemistry modules
Ideas for Young Scientist competitions, student experiments etc.
Not suitable for school use
Worksheets, slides, videos, animations useful for:
Lessons (to illustrate structures, processes etc)
Homework (consolidating, extending, deepening, applying knowledge)
Practice in using electronic media
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III. Your comments on DiSiDo (praise, criticism, suggestions)
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